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One of the perks of being an agency owner is getting to yap on private message boards and go to events with other agency owners. Last week, I heard a colleague say that she- personally- answers every single job application email they get.

This kind of blew my mind. Because we get about 20 unsolicited requests a day from job seekers. Even if I had a full-time HR person (we do not), it’d be a full-time job responding properly to each of them. I mean more than an autoresponder, you know? Like, actually taking the time to sit down and go through reels and consider where you might fit in on a project with us.

So how does it work for us? Well, we do save every message/application. When there’s a need for what you do and we don’t have in-house staff or long-time favorites in mind? That’s when we go through them. Not just me, but my producers too.

Yet, sometimes I’ll take the time to immediately review someone’s reel. Like when you do something I know we want to shore up in our offerings this year. It happens. It just doesn’t happen all the time.

And I know that sucks for people looking for jobs. Cold-calling and cold-emailing just sucks. When we started, I would review and respond to everyone. I can’t do it anymore. But who knows, I’m not saying stop doing the cold-email thing. Just know that if I don’t get back to you it’s zero reflection on your awesomeness.

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