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I’ve worked with a bunch of startups. There’s a certain energy and excitement whenever we get to create a video for a startup. Often they’re even more open to creative ideas than a more established company or brand, too. Some of our startup clients have gone on to win awards at events like TechCrunch, been sold to larger companies, or were able to raise additional funding, in part thanks to the creative work we’ve done together. Savvy startups understand the power of video, and the need for high-quality video marketing content.

Yet, working with startups does have downsides. For one thing, unless the startup is fully funded (which happens a lot, especially if the startup is in Silicon Valley or New York), the money just isn’t as good. Another is, often a startup doesn’t have a fully-realized marketing plan or even brand identity. So working with startups often means extra work on our end, for less money.

Ah, but the freedom! Working directly with decision-makers, and being part of a team of smart people out to change the world? That’s awesome.

So how do we make our startup work sustainable? One way is, we do tend to lean towards working with funded startups. But, even if your startup is running in bootstrap mode or on angel-funded fuel, there are ways. One way we have begun to work with startups is by working out hybrid cash and equity deals. But even if a startup has money, we generally have to put on our creative thinking caps and find ways to create high quality video productions for not a lot of money, relatively speaking (compared to a TV commercial for an established brand). And it’s been worth it for us. After all, who wouldn’t want to help change the future?


Image thanks to @Ground Report

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