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We recently had some fun working with Austin, Texas advertising and creative agency The Butler Bros., when they came to us looking for a way to create a corporate video for one of their high-profile New York-based clients. The project was centered around an event in Anaheim, California (just outside of Los Angeles, home of Disneyland and I think The Mighty Ducks). It involved interviews and a bunch of b-roll over a number of days with a variety of teaching professionals, and the deliverable included 6 short corporate documentary-style films.

Originally, the agency had been given the go-ahead to film these interviews in a room away from the action of the event. But when we did our location scout, we saw how sad the little room was. So, we suggested filming these interviews smack in the middle of the event instead, for a much more energetic and cinematic look. The agency wholeheartedly agreed, and we set out to make it happen. The results were excellent, and the client was very happy with all of us for going the extra mile.

We shot in 4K, at times with two cameras, and post-production did involve a fair amount of audio fixes due to the loud nature of the event. But it was so very worth it to capture the energy and dynamic nature of the environment, and filming this way energized our interviewees, giving us much better performances overall.

Here’s what one of our new friends in Austin had to say:

Our client needed to shoot interviews at an event that was out of town for both our agency and for them. Patrick was a huge help on the ground, scoping out the site and making recommendations about how to best capture the footage and ensure the best, most strategic results. Patrick took extra time and care to deliver a finished product that was well-loved by our client, hanging with us through feedback from multiple parties that extended out over time. His work is of the highest quality, the experience seamless, and I would recommend Patrick to other creative agencies looking for a director/production partner.

-Christine Lopez, Client Services Director
The Butler Bros.

That’s pretty cool. We love working with smart, fun agencies like The Butler Bros., and helping them wow their clients.

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