2016 in Review: Thank You!


2017 has begun with a bang for us. I’m thrilled and grateful for that. But this post, even though it’s the middle of January already, is for last year. 2016, I thank you for everything you gave to us. The many excellent projects, the happy clients, and even the occasional stumbling blocks- thank you. It’s all a learning experience, and I am grateful to everyone who was a part of our year.

In 2016 we laid the groundwork for some major growth. Thanks to that legwork and tons of flying around the country, we have a solid, expanding studio in Los Angeles again- and it’s not just an editing and VFX room anymore, it now also includes a small greenscreen stage and motion control rig for those all-important product videos.

Meanwhile, our New York client roster continued to grow crazy fast, with new technology, finance, fintech, advertising, and import/export clients. Plus, a small faith-based client that gave us a wonderful, life-affirming experience on set.

Between Los Angeles and New York, we had over a dozen new clients in 2016, and we got to work with several returning clients from previous years, which is always very gratifying.

We also worked with an increasing number of international clients in 2016. We’re especially good at working with clients who have critical projects, but who can’t always be here on the ground until filming begins. I’m proud of our record with these clients- we do not let them down!

And here’s the big one: our success rate for the year was 100%. Can’t beat that.

Speaking of clients, thank you all, we are so very happy that you made the decision to work with us in 2016, and I’m very thrilled at the results of our collaborations. And of course, thank you to our very excellent crews in both New York and Los Angeles. I love watching us grow together.

Thank you again, 2016. You taught us a lot, you gave us a lot of opportunity, and I think we made the most of it. Goodbye, and on to 2017!


Photo courtesy of Alan @ AudienceStack




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