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I feel bad. I really let the blog slide for awhile. Well, I’ve had my reasons. And one is a new short film I directed in New York City. It’s called “New York Love Story”, and it’s about a woman coming to terms with a breakup, and the city of NY showing her that the possibilities of life are truly limitless.

This is my first writer-director-producer film since “Unlaced” a couple of years back, so it’s a big deal to me. I can’t believe 2 YEARS have passed since “Unlaced”! I’ve been insanely busy with life, and work, so it was fantastic to jump back into a film. No offense to our commercial and corporate video clients- we love you, too. But it’s good to stretch, and doing a film lets one scratch a certain itch one cannot otherwise scratch.

So, here’s how it happened- I was in New York, and after a series of really swell meetings with clients, I had some downtime. I also had my RED Dragon, a few lenses, one light (a VisualBuddha LED), and a newly-purchased DJI Ronin. I also had my NYC apartment, and Manhattan. Most importantly, however, I had my friend and former costar of “Unlaced” in town- Joanne Ryan!

I sat down, and figured out a story that I could shoot, based around these resources. I wrote a script, and sent it to my LA writer’s group. After some great feedback, I decided- what the hell. Let’s make a movie!

It was a fantastic experience. First, Joanne and I got Broadway and Television actor Sean McDermott to play the male lead. He’s wonderful! And I know I’ll work with him again. Second, I called up my buddies Chad and Jason, and begged them to crew the film for me. They agreed, we found an excellent NYC makeup artist Lani Barry, and we were off to the races.

NY Loves Film was truly helpful in securing locations and answering questions I had (this was my very first real film in NYC, after all), and the City of New York also really helped us out. Despite 30 degree (15 degree windchill) days, and one weather delay, it all came together gloriously, and I’m really excited to get into post production on this one.

I’ll post a lot more about the film later on, but right now I’m in post on a client project in LA, and they have a very quick turnaround on their project. Thank you to all who helped on this one- you guys are my go-tos, now!

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