Stop, Thief!


It was pointed out to me this weekend than there’s a web designer in New York City named Luis Arana who’s claiming credit for the website my firm designed and built for her. Sometimes when you do something cool, other people like to try to steal credit for your work. This is especially true on the web, where it’s incredibly easy to steal someone else’s design, code, or whatever.

Here’s a link to that guy’s site, showing the theft:, and a screenshot of it is posted above.

Now, first of all, I guess I should be flattered that he liked our work so much better than his own that he took a screenshot of our website and called it his, rather than posting a screenshot of the work he actually did. And yeah, I could send him a lawyer letter and threaten to sue him. I’d win, too. But… it’s not worth it.  A little public shaming is just fine by me. The client knows we did the work, and she wrote us a great testimonial.

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