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Just when we started to get used to Adobe CS4’s master collection on our production Macs, it’s time to upgrade to Apple’s Final Cut Studio HD 3. That’s cool, we like learning new stuff.

So far, we’re really digging the RED-specific parts of the Final Cut upgrade, and Motion’s new shadows, etc., are pretty cool. We’re also very excited about ProRes 4444, I think that may be good enough to use as archival format for our web video project masters.

We’re also in the middle of setting up the new Modo 4 upgrade from Luxology. We’ll have our first 3D rundown of the new Modo features with a 3D product demo we’re creating for a sports/energy drink client.

And finally, we’re ripping through Autodesk’s panorama tools. Version 9 is great! Our virtual reality work looks even better, and we get the job done faster now.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to lately. Well, that plus working on a new web design project for a Los Angeles company and another web project for a new company based in New York.

In this industry, you have to constantly learn new things and new ways of doing things. If you don’t, you die. We’re happy to be alive and well.

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