Another New Website Design


We’ve embarked on a pretty cool little web design project for our good friend and sometimes partner Kathi Funston. She’s getting a much-deserved website redesign, and it includes all sorts of cool stuff.

First of all, the CMS for the site is ModX (of course, because ModX rocks!). Kathi’s got tech skills, but her time is best spent doing what she does best: creating cool content. ModX lets Kathi log in, make her updates, and go back to creating.

We’re also adding some really fun functionality based on a few plugins for JQuery, like SuperSized and ThickBox.

I (Patrick) conceived the design as a punk rock look, based on one of the client’s publicity photos. Punk, yes, but cluttered, no. The design has an appealing simplicity, and creates a nice framework to hang Kathi’s content on. And boy, does she have a lot of content to put up.


Nikon D5000 Movie/Video Tests, Takes One & Two

Here’s the first two tests, right out of the box, of our new Nikon D5000 in movie mode. You’ll notice that in the first clip there’s a lot of noise (look at the red kettle to the right, although the H264 compression on the YouTube video masks a lot of the noise). The ISO was set to 1600 and it’s a relatively dark room with no additional lights. Read More »


Video Production ShowReel Posted

We’re happy to show off our brand-new ShowReel for Summer, 2009. This reel includes bits and pieces of our video production work, including TV commercials, web video, original entertainment, industrials, and viral videos.

The awesome indie band from NYC Hot Seconds is the music.


Preview: Summer 2009 ShowReel

We just finished our summer 2009 ShowReel, and it’s up on our Film page. Check it out!

It’s going to be up in HD on YouTube shortly, so we’ll be embedding that here soon.

The video features the Hot Seconds song “Excuse Me”, and we love the tight indie “f-you” vibe of the song. Learn more about Hot Seconds here.


Why ModX Rocks For Websites


A client recently asked me what the big deal was about ModX, compared to other content management systems (CMSs) like Joomla, or custom solutions. Good question.

First of all, custom CMS solutions suck. They’re terrible. They suck because by definition they lock you into a custom solution, and quite probably lock you into working with the company who built it. Forever. Or, until you get so sick and tired of their crap that you have to find someone else to take the project and redo it from the ground up. And that costs money. If a web design company wants to build you a custom CMS, run!

Read More »


We now resume our regularly scheduled broadcast…


Wow, what a busy week and a half.

First, the Media Temple transition has gone really well. We have almost all our hosting customers moved over, and the speed improvement in serving our pages is astonishing. We had a bit of a problem with this blog in the move, but we’re pretty sure it was due to some corrupted MySQL files. We were able to move all our posts over, but we’re still missing some images. I’m confident we’ll have everything back in place soon.

CORRECTION: Yup, everything’s back up. Guess what the problem was? Permissions errors. Same exact problem that was bugging a web design client of ours earlier this week when they tried to share files with us. Funny!

That is, assuming we get time to work on the site. Things are busy and interesting here, lately. And client work always has to come before working on our own site. It’s a bit of the “Cobbler’s Children Going Without Shoes” thing, but it’s unavoidable sometimes. In any case, we’ll have a few new projects to brag about on our site soon enough. 

Speaking of stuff to brag about, our shoot with the RED One was very successful, and my personal “late night” project is going through the footage and beginning the editorial process. I love this camera, it’s so easy to make pretty pictures with it. Our Burbank soundstage shoot was a lot of fun, too- and I enjoyed working with all the actors, from my buddy Yoji (he’s been in all but TWO of my films!) to Tansy, Christina, Ian, and Susan. Hat’s off to you guys, and to my awesome little crew-  thank you for everything!

That’s me and Yoji Cole above, with RED #2464 in Burbank, California.


A Web Design Company Promo

We’re finishing up some greenscreen tests, and getting ready to go into the soundstage on Friday. The RED One is performing flawlessly, and our previz looks really good. Most importantly, we have some very cool actors lined up. 

Things are looking up!


Web Design Tips: Structure Matters!

It’s tough to choose a web design company. And most articles about web design and search engine optimization concentrate on content. After all, everyone knows ‘content is king’, and there’s no denying that having unique, well-written content on your website will draw customers and improve your Google PageRank. But if you’re looking for happier customers and even higher traffic to your company website, there’s another part of the equation you need to address. It’s the actual structure of your website and of your web pages.

I’m talking xHTML and information architecture, web standards and semantic markup. 

It may seem a little bit less exciting than writing amazing content, but if you don’t devote the time and energy to a well-structured website you’ll find that your amazing content isn’t getting the exposure it deserves. 

Sometimes, this can make the difference between your company being successful or failing miserably. Read More »

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