Nikon D5000: Virtual Reality Rig Setup

Virtual Reality Rig: Nikon D5000, Sigma Fisheye, Nodal Ninja 3 II  

Here’s our proposed new virtual reality rig- our brand new Nikon D5000 camera, our trusty Sigma fisheye lens, and the Nodal Ninja 3 Mark II pano rig. We’d been using a Nikon D80 for our virtual reality rig for about a year, and while it’s amazing in its own right the new D5000 has the ability to crank up to ISO 3200, which is insane!

We’ve been shooting VR longer than almost anyone- ever since Apple’s QuickTime supported VR (with QuickTimeVR), and we’ve done virtual reality projects for clients ranging from Major League Baseball (a cool World Series project of baseball stadiums) to the Olympics (including a lot of venues), and corporate clients such as Sprite and Accenture. Read More »


Open Source for Web Design and Development


Let’s get it out of the way right up front: Open Source is not the be-all, end-all for web design or development. There are projects where it makes a ton of sense to go Open Source. There are also reasons for choosing other routes. Right now, we’re helping to design and develop a rather large project that isn’t Open Source- it’s all Microsoft. And that decision was the correct one for the client and their situation.

That said, we use Open Source tools a lot, and most of our clients benefit from the advantages Open Source brings to their projects.

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) has become our preferred development environment. Not because the tools are free, but because it gives us the ability to work with a wider variety of clients and a larger community of developers. I make a Read More »


Another Good Review of Couch Cases

Our web comedy series is a Featured Pick at eGuiders.com, and their reviewer Varlo Vanore said our show Couch Cases is  “full of relationships gone awry, risque sitcom situations, and great side characters. I give them lots of props for the story lines and production value… This one is worth keeping an eye on.”

Thanks Varlo!


On Being A Green Web Company


I was asked last week if we were a green web design and video production company. The answer is yes, and we’ve been quietly yet decidedly green for a long time. The very nature of our industry lends itself to being environmentally aware and friendly, but we’ve always made a point to go the extra mile. After all, we’d like the planet to be around for a while.

A lot of companies talk the green talk, but then you’ll find out all that means is they recycle some of the tons of office paper they burn through each month. That’s not us. Here’s a list of things we do that help us stay lean and green: Read More »


More Nikon D5000 Video Tests

Here’s another YouTube video test I made using our Nikon D5000’s video capabilities. All shots were handheld (sorry bout that), no post processing was done to any of them besides slowing a few clips down. The lens was a manual 105mm prime lens. Only available light was used, and fstops ranged from f1.8 to f5.6.

The event was the Jazz Singers Alumni concert rehearsal for Paris Rutherford’s 30 Years of Vocal Jazz, at UNT in Denton Texas. Read More »


Article: Becoming A Green Web Design Company

While we’re on the environmentally-friendly business topic, our founder wrote an article recently on running a green web design company:

What started as a fringe movement has finally gone mainstream as people have realized that “going green” is not only good for the planet, but great for business. Hooray!

But how do you get your web design company on the train to green-town? It’s easy, here’s a few ideas we put into place at PatrickOrtman, Inc. in Los Angeles (Read More @ Mint Articles)

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