Writing With Blake Snyder

I am doing a lot of writing now, so I’ve naturally pulled out my (2nd) beat-up copy of “Save The Cat!” for a quick review. I still love that book. It was written by Blake Snyder, a screenwriter whose legacy wasn’t just the movies he wrote, but the knowledge he shared and the support he freely gave to others pursuing the craft. His books are quite a few years old, now, and Blake is no longer with us, but his “Save The Cat!” series is probably my favorite set of books on how to write stories that resonate with audiences.

I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with Blake one-on-one a couple of years before he died. It was one of those fluke things, where his manager knew someone I knew, and set it up. I’d just finished writing and directing a web series that’d gotten some serious notice and been seen by a huge audience thanks to its distribution on a couple of high-profile mobile platforms, and of course, Blake’s book was out and he was quite the in-demand screenwriting guru.

We talked projects, and he shared a couple he was working on with me, and I with him. As far as I know, none of the projects we discussed that day ever got off the ground, but that’s OK- part of being a writer is knowing that a lot of your ideas just won’t make it past the dreaming stage.

Blake was fascinated with my web series work, and posted a blog about wanting to interview me on the air for his podcast soon. Unfortunately, that never happened- we were both busy, and he died not too long after that. But to me, like many writers, Blake will never truly die- he’s left us a fantastic set of books and a lot of solid thoughts on how to tell stories.

So, here I go again, like thousands of other writers, opening up “Save The Cat!” and reminding myself of his rules on how to create a great screenplay. Thanks, Blake!


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Best Director Win at FirstGlance Film Festival for “Unlaced”

Patrick Ortman wins Best Director @ FirstGlance Hollywood Film festival 2013

Patrick Ortman wins Best Director @ FirstGlance Hollywood Film Festival 2013

I’m thrilled to announce that my film “Unlaced” won Best Director at the 2013 Hollywood FirstGlance Film Festival last week. It was a blast seeing our work projected at the Charlie Chaplin Theater in Hollywood, on the lot at Raleigh Studios, and it was great reconnecting with some special members of the crew, and our two awesome female leads in the movie- Ashley Bracken and Joanne Ryan. That’s Ashley, Joanne, me, and producer Kathi in the photo above.

Afterwards, FirstGlance interviewed Kathi and me about the win. I’m sure that video will pop up online at some point.

I enjoyed screening “Unlaced” at FirstGlance. They’re a class act. What’s more, this is the first festival I’ve attended where I wasn’t bored with the program. Every film that played was good, and worthy. Fantastic!


* photo copyright 2013 FirstGlance Film Festival, Hollywood

Blackmagic Changes Things Again

Today, Blackmagic Designs announced two new cameras (and some other stuff, like a new version of DaVinci Resolve- one of the tools I use every day to make beautiful videos and films). The first is a 4K, super35mm sensor camera that uses Canon EF lenses. Oh, and it’s got a global shutter. Price? $4,000. They claim it’ll be shipping in July, too.

The second is a pocket Super16mm 1080p camera that records ProRes or compressed DNG (like the 4K camera). It’s TINY. It fits in the palm of your hand. And it can use the beautiful Leica and Fuji lenses we own and use on our XPro-1, with an adapter. Price? $999.

This shakes things up quite a bit in my world. Now, if Blackmagic can actually ship these things in quantity, on time… well, it’ll change things for filmmakers of all budgets.

I pre-ordered the pocket one today. Why? Because it’s priced right, and because I can use lenses I love with it, and because I can put it in a bag and use it underwater if I like. It’s just incredibly flexible. Oh, and I’d be able to shoot stuff in crowds and in plain sight without getting busted by the police. Not that I’d ever do that, of course- one must obey the laws of one’s municipality regarding shooting films.

I’ll most likely get the 4K one, too, but I want to see some footage and get some “in the field” reports of it, first.

To me, these cameras really aren’t for TV commercial production, or corporate work. They’re for indie filmmakers. They’re what the RED Scarlet should have been, which is a quality way to record images that look like film. Blackmagic is even branding these cameras as “digital film”. For most TV jobs, we’ll stick to Alexas and Canon’s C-300 or whatever the latest is (that’s another story), because those cameras are the standards and they do an excellent job. But if I were shooting another indie film like “Unlaced”, or maybe a web series, I’d seriously consider using the Blackmagic cinema cameras.


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What’s it like on a green screen set?

Here’s a video we made a few years back that shows exactly what it’s like to be on set in a green screen stage:

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“Unlaced” Official Selection, West Chester International Film Festival


We’re pleased to announce that “Unlaced” is an official selection of the West Chester International Film Festival. More on “Unlaced“.

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“Unlaced” Movie Trailer

Here’s the promotional trailer for my film “Unlaced”. It’s about a man whose life has come undone, and it’s based on a true story. This is the theatrical trailer (so as Grandpa Simpson would say, “Turn it up! Turn it up!”), and it will play in front of movies at AMC theaters in Boston as part of the promotional campaign for the Boston International Film Festival.

More at “unlacedthemovie.com“.

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“Unlaced” Official Selection of the Boston International Film Festival


We are thrilled to announce that my film “Unlaced” is an official selection of the Boston International Film Festival, this April in Boston, MA. Thank you, Boston! And congratulations to everyone in the “Unlaced” family.

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Studio City Film Festival Day and Time for “Unlaced”


Hey, everybody- “Unlaced” is playing in Block 18, on Friday, February 8th. We’re the second film in the block, and we’re playing immediately after “Elegy for a Revolutionary”, a really well-produced, big budget short film that’s won about 20 awards according to its website. Fantastic!

Tickets are $15 at the door, $12 if you reserve online. Check out www.studiocityfilmfestival.com for details.

Don’t know what “Unlaced” is about? Visit our page, or check us out on Facebook.


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Studio City Film Festival & More


My film “Unlaced” is set to be shown at the 2013 Studio City Film Festival, and we’re very excited to see it up on the big screen. The festival runs February 6-10, and we’ll have our exact date and time to share, soon.

Also, we’re currently working on a documentary for our UK client, and I just finished directing 3 episodes of a private TV show for a corporate client.

2012 in Review


Happy 2013! We hope this year brings you peace, happiness, and success. And yes, you guessed it- this is another “Year in Review” post. ┬áHere’s some of our 2012 highlights:

  • We were pleased to add a Fortune 50 client (PepsiCo) to our already stellar Fortune 500 client list, with our well-received short film about PepsiCo’s amazing CEO Indra Nooyi.
  • Our client UCLA worked with us to create the first college promotional film shot entirely on an iPad. It turned out surprisingly well.
  • UCLA also partnered with us to create another well-received short film about legendary basketball coach and leader John Wooden.
  • Oxford University Press continued to work with us, and we shot video interviews and other material for a documentary on Los Angeles food truck culture.
  • We got to interview and video a number of other interesting and often high-profile people in 2012, including Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed (he’s an excellent interview, by the way). And we’re proud of the web promos, TV commercials, and corporate video production work we created for our technology, legal, and other clients this past year. Thank you all for your patronage.
  • On a more personal note, we finished production and post production on Patrick’s short drama “Unlaced”. It’s about a man whose life has come undone, and was shot in glorious widescreen on RED digital cinema cameras. It looks amazing, and begins showing at film festivals this fall.

2012 was a year of growth and tons of great video production projects for cool clients. Cheers to an even better 2013!

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