TV Ad vs. Web Ad: Which Is Better?

A couple years back, AdWeek wrote about a study by Dynamic Logic on the effectiveness of reusing your existing TV commercials on the web vs. creating new, web-focused video advertising for your brand. The results? Both have a place, and you can use both effectively. Original web video does better on converting people to customers, though. Here’s a link to the original article.

And a special shout out ‘thank you’! to our friends and colleagues at Explore Media in Indiana for pointing out this ‘oldie but goodie’!

New Video & Film Projects

Ever have one of those periods where you’re so busy that you don’t have the time to talk about the cool stuff you’ve been doing? That’s how it’s been here for us, lately. I just got back from New York and a nice shoot at PepsiCo, where I teamed back up with my was-LA, now-New-York-based camera assistant Katie for a few days of fun work. Now, we’re headed to Taco Bell world headquarters to do a shoot. And earlier this week I was at UCLA doing a video shoot for their new MBA program. On top of that, my movie “Unlaced” is starting to apply to film festivals.

Meanwhile, Jeff finished an important web design project last week that’ll make life around here a lot less stressful. And we’ll be starting up some end-of-year housekeeping for ourselves around here towards the end of November, after our web client PLUSdoc’s next revision is complete and rolled out.

So it’s been really busy, but pretty fun here. I can’t wait to show off some of the stuff we’ve been working on.

Video On The Web- Another Statistic

Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average, and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors, according to ComScore*.

* ComScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. 

Web Video Production: Scriptless is Foolish

We love helping clients create memorable videos for their websites. But often we’re approached by clients who know they need a video, but don’t understand that a script is really important. A good script, or at least a solid treatment, is really the only way to make sure you’re creating a video that’ll meet your goals. And it’s far cheaper to make changes to a script than to a finished production.

Sure, there’s times when a script isn’t vital- times when you’re doing interviews and getting soundbites, for instance. But even then, a rough treatment will help ensure you grab everything you need, which saves you time and pain in post.

It’s like building a house- you really need some sort of blueprint, or you’ll end up building something terrible that’s a complete mess. Or something gorgeous that’s just not what you wanted.  Either way, it’s not useful to your business- or at least, not as useful as it should be.

When we can, we try to educate the client about the importance of having a script for their video. Most of the time, they listen, and the collaboration is fruitful. Sometimes they don’t. We try to avoid those situations as much as we can.

Companies with video get 437% more engagement from customers

From GoMoNews:

 Videos are now a bigger part of Google’s search results as Google learns to index video content. Videos account for 50% of all online traffic as of January 2012. Not only do videos boost your company’s visibility, but they promote engagement. Customers exposed to videos are 437% more likely to engage your brand.

Wow, right? That’s more than 4x the engagement. Video matters. A lot. And no matter what your business’ size, you need quality video on your website and an active YouTube presence.

Learn about our video production services.

Read the whole article at GoMoNews

New Client Web Promo Video

Here’s a web promo video I created for a new online company called PLUSdoc. PLUSdoc is the world’s first verified patient review system, and the video is meant for a very specific audience: skeptical doctors who need to learn about how to harness social media and review systems to help build their practices. It’s definitely not a TV commercial, but web promos can be a lot of fun.

What’s more, the client let me bring in some live action scenes to relate better to the audience, which we shot at a real medical center in Encino, California. I think, and he agreed, that the live action work really added to the project’s appeal to doctors.

I directed, Aaron Champion AD’d, and we shot a mix of greenscreen and on-location RED 4K footage for the promo.

Food Truck Documentary


We’ve been shooting video footage for a documentary produced by our client in the UK, and it’s been a blast. The documentary’s on Food Trucks in Los Angeles, and it’s been quite an interesting jump into a thriving culture for me. Best of all, almost everyone we’ve spoken with or shot has been incredibly friendly. And, of course, finding a good lunch or dinner’s pretty easy on these sets.

One of the best testimonials, ever


I love that I get to do cool projects for clients, whether it’s a killer video, a website, or whatever. It’s especially gratifying when a client says nice things about the work, and our relationship, too. Here’s what Damien, the chief product officer and co-founder of our very awesome iPhone app client Vocre, had to say about working with us:

“A visionary with a great team and the willingness to work side-by-side with his clients’ concepts and ideas are only a few of the reasons we enjoyed working with – and will continue to work with Patrick Ortman.

Being from a [Design] services industry myself – and being a stickler for quality – I’ve been impressed with the results of each production.

Nevertheless, when I first approached Patrick Ortman with our product and relative project requirements [for video], one of the main reasons we initially chose to work with Patrick was not due to the quality nor highly professional (& award winning) projects displayed in his portfolio; however, ultimately was the passion he, himself, showed in respect to our product and vision. When one has passion, their work embodies that.”

Damien Dalli
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
myLanguage / Vocre

DaVinci Resolve Re-Grade Project

I recently finished a course in DaVinci Resolve, and as part of my post-graduate work I’m taking some time to re-grade some projects I directed last year. Here’s the first, a re-imagining (and slight edit, with new audio tracks in ProTools, to boot) of my TVC (that’s tv commercial) “Too Many Cooks”.

Why We Don’t Accept Every Potential Client


I got a nasty email from a former lead today, haranguing us for not working with them. She said we’re arrogant for not accepting every client who comes through our virtual door. She accused me of only being in it for the money. She said a lot of other things, too, but this is a polite forum.

We’re a lot of things. But arrogant? Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, we’re choosy about accepting new clients. And that’s a good thing for both us and our clients. First of all, I like having enough resources to truly serve the clients we bring on. Time is finite, after all, since we’re a boutique agency- we’re not some huge pump and dump shop.

Secondly, I’ve learned that working with a client (and if you’re on the other side, working with an agency) really requires a meeting of the minds, if it is to succeed. The kind of work we do- website design & development, glossy cool videos and tv commercials- is collaborative, and requires mutual trust. They’re unique, longer term commitments. And it’s really important that we all get along with each other on the journey, and that we spur each other on to do great work.

Arrogant? No. Choosy? Yes. And the quality of our work reflects that- for the past two years, every major project we’ve done has won awards. I love that!

And we’re ‘only in it for the money’? Ha! No way! I’ve taken projects for a lot less money than we should have gotten. Sure, it’s pretty much always a special situation when that happens. But it does happen. I like working with great organizations that help make the world a better place, and it’s sometimes worth being flexible.

I’ve also turned down work that was ridiculously overpaid, when the potential client was clearly a moron or ethically bankrupt.

We’re not arrogant, and we’re not only in it for the money.  We are choosy, and we only take on clients who are a good fit for us. And when I think about the kind of client I love to work with, I think of my current roster of clients: organizations that respect what we bring to the table, who are passionate about what they do, and yes- who have the money to allow us to respectably complete their project in a way that makes us all look good and advance their causes.

Oh yeah, and I don’t work with angry people who write nasty emails haranguing us for not working with them. Life’s too short.

Scary dude photo by Luis Beltran

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