Don’t Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

The Wall Street Journal has a really good article on opportunities in a downturn. Good reading!

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Web Video Promo- HD Timelapse

Us, onstage in a green screen soundstage doing what we do best:

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Acquisition and Expansion

PatrickOrtman, Inc. is expanding, and we’re better than ever! Where film meets web design, we’re there. We recently merged the film production team from Genius Monkeys with the web design team from Empty Street Productions to form a team of creative professionals that can do it all.

Founded in 2006 by Patrick Ortman, Genius Monkeys is a Los Angeles based HD and 4K video production company that creates television commercials, web video, and tradeshow industrials. Known for our impactful storytelling and use of cutting-edge technology, Genius Monkeys was one of the first digital production companies to use the RED One camera system, and we have been featured along with Patrick Ortman in, USA Today, and the Toronto Star.

PatrickOrtman, Inc. would also like to welcome the web design team from Empty Street Productions to the fold. Empty Street was one of the world’s first web design companies and is known for creating innovative corporate websites for clients like Kimberly-Clark, Universal Pictures, and BellSouth.

Founder and CEO, Patrick Ortman, says:

Twelve months ago, video wasn’t really something our web design clients wanted to talk about. But things change. Technology evolves. Now, almost all of our web design clients are extremely interested in video for their websites, and some of them are pursuing web and broadcast TV spots with us as well. It’s smart for companies to embrace video as part of their marketing plans. With this change in attitude, I felt that it was time to finally bring these world-class video and web design teams together under one roof. We’re excited about the enhanced services we are now able to offer our clients.

So, what do all these changes mean for current or new clients?

Full-service solutions, where film meets web design. Work is continuing as usual, and our clients will be dealing with the same creative teams as before. But we now have the ability to craft even more dynamic and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Simply put, things are getting even better.

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Today Is Our Birthday!

LOS ANGELES, March 17 /PRNewswire/ — Patrick Ortman says this is a great time to be an entrepreneur, despite the economy. His eponymous new web design and video production company officially hit the ground running today, and according to Ortman, the timing couldn’t be better: “Lots of successful companies started during recessions – Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, even Microsoft. In this kind of economic climate, businesses of all sizes are looking for lower-cost creative solutions with high returns,” says Ortman.

“The economic downturn is terrible. But one positive thing coming out of it is the creation of smaller, agile design firms that are more in touch with and responsive to clients. Smaller shops were among the first to champion web standards (a more effective, modern way to build websites that last), and we’ve also been at the forefront of web video advertising.”

A recognized expert on interactive media and web design, Ortman is no stranger to the scene. He has been profiled in dozens of magazines and newspapers, and is set to be featured in two books on web design to be published this year. Some of his pioneering projects include the first rock concert on the web, created for Atlanta’s 99X radio station, virtual reality tours for Major League Baseball, and the hit web sitcom Couch Cases. He has also created websites for eight Fortune 500 companies.

“I’ve always been fascinated by learning new technology and figuring out how to use it creatively,” he muses, “It’s an obsession of mine.” That obsession led to Ortman founding one of the world’s first successful web design companies, and an early involvement in producing mobile video content that can be seen on Verizon’s VCAST and SprintTV.

A techie with a keen eye for beauty, Ortman has decidedly invested in cutting-edge digital tools like the RED One camera for his company, despite the economic downturn.

“I think it’s vital in these times to invest in solutions that generate more business. For us, it’s new technology. For our clients, it’s us. We don’t see the economic downturn as something that should paralyze companies. We think it should energize them,” concluded Ortman.

Ortman expects the company to become profitable in 2009, and has already landed a contract with a major healthcare products company. For more, please visit

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Couch Cases in The Toronto Star,

Matt Carter wrote a review of Couch Cases in the Toronto Star today. He said the jokes are sly, and the characters are charming and likable. We also got top billing above Sony Interactive’s new show (which is awesome, since they have a studio backing them and their show was written by a Seinfeld writer), and they picked a photo of Kathi Funston and Sabrina Bolin to run with the column.

Here’s the review.

Also, today did their review of the show. They’re a bit tougher on us than The Star’s review, but they did say that we “just might be onto a sitcom that’s well worth getting up off the couch and onto your computer to watch.” Here’s the full review.

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Get ready. This space is changing over the next few weeks.

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Couch Cases Update: Over 500,000 Views, Article in Tubefilter

So, since we last talked:

Couch Cases has passed 500,000 views. Half a million streams and downloads. We’re stoked. This is amazing for a true indie show with no big backers. Thank you for all of your support.

And we got a nice writeup in Here’s the link.

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H1 Tag as your Logo? (Geekspeak Alert)

Web Design Blog » H1 Tag as your Logo? – Designbit.

It seems there are still a ton of web designers out there who think it’s OK to use the H1 HTML tag to hold a client’s logo. This is a misread of the HTML standards, and makes life difficult for disabled users. Anthony at Designbit feels the same way we do about using H1 for what it’s intended to be used for on a web page.

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Couch Cases: Over 307,000 Served

Last week we surpassed the quarter million views mark with our web series Couch Cases! Woohoo & thank you for your support!

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