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Tom Petty Looks Like My Uncle

I realized this, watching Tom Petty perform at the Super Bowl. His eyes and face really remind me of my Uncle Chris. Weird. Petty rocked out, I was especially impressed he went for those high notes in “Free Fallin'”.

In mid 2007, when I was directing a big greenscreen project at a local soundstage that also housed a world famous recording studio I found out Tom Petty recorded there. Sandy, the really cool manager of the complex, let me hang out for a while in the studio where Petty recorded. That experience was almost as cool as the fact that a client was paying me to direct a project for them.

Last week we soft launched a site, one that included a lot of video. We’re also still editing in the evenings, getting “Couch Cases” ready for its closeup. It’s not easy, editing at night in between client jobs. But we’re scrappy, we’re kicking butt, and we rock.



I saw my first rainbow of the year, arched in technicolor across Lankershim and Vineland. I love Los Angeles when it rains. Everyone looks and acts a bit more New York than LA, which is a great change. I wonder sometimes if my perception is because generally in LA we don’t need “weather clothes”. So, when it rains, everyone gets out the stuff they had to wear in the crappy weather from back east.

In other news, we’re in the middle of cutting “Couch Cases”. And it’s really f’n good. We posted some photos at ““.

And I’m also in the middle of some new projects at work. It’s good to be busy.

Speaking of busy, I’m taking a new class at UCLA. Eventually, I’ll get that damn certificate! But for me, this class is about tuning up and making some better habits that’ll help me get some stuff done. I’ve somehow become a working pro, but I have a lot to learn about a lot. I forgot how much I enjoyed UCLA classes, and I’m glad to be back. Nothing like a forced external deadline to drive one, eh?



I’m settled in a for a long night of rendering and writing.

What’s rendering are the final image sequences for my latest television commercial. The client’s really happy with just about all of the work, and that’s great. I’m sure there will be some changes before the spot airs, but it seems like we’re in the ballpark.

This was an interesting spot to create, the client only had a logo, 1 piece of product packaging (in Adobe Illustrator form), a concept, and 1 photograph. I turned that into a 30 second spot, making 3D elements where needed (such as for a product that doesn’t yet exist but which will be in stores this spring) and generally creating a world from almost nothing.

It was fun, if a bit frustrating at times.

We all feel that the CGI and voiceover/music parts of the spot are good enough to compete with spots that cost about 50 times as much. But, as always, there are things I’d have changed if we had the time or budget. That old saw about “Fast, Cheap, Good: Choose Two” really does hold true. Even with technological advances and really talented people involved, some things always just have to wait until next time.

At the same time, I’m pretty proud of the end product. And I can’t wait to get to work on the next one.


Couch Cases Wrapped

Couch Cases

Our new sitcom “Couch Cases” wrapped this week. Thank you to all of our cast and crew- you guys are incredible, and I hope you all had as much fun as we did. We’re going into post for the show, right after we finish up a new television commercial and film edit for clients.

We have a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff online in the meantime, at


We Now Use Imagineer Products

Imagineer Systems

I’m happy to report that we’ve upgraded our pipeline to now include the entire suite of products from Imagineer Systems in the UK. Imagineer pioneered a new planar tracking system, and has integrated it into a suite of products that will help us do our jobs better.

We now have online suites with Mokey, Monet, Mocha, and Motor.


New Television Commercial Project

We’re now working on a new television commercial, which you’ll be able to see on a network station near you very soon.You’ll also be able to see it online, of course. We wouldn’t be living up to our mission if we didn’t craft a multi-platform campaign for our clients.


We’re in Beta

Welcome to our Beta Launch! 

Genius Monkeys is a brand new production company that does video and interactive projects. I founded Genius Monkeys after having run Empty Street Productions, a very successful web design and development company, for many years.

It’s clear that television and the Internet are converging. And people are getting used to enjoying their entertainment in new ways, from mobile devices like the iPhone and PSP to  YouTube and video sites like Veoh. People are finding out about products and services in new ways, too.

But things are moving so fast that companies don’t know how to take advantage of these new opportunities. Old style “analog” production companies don’t know how to make things work in digital land. And strict web and online companies don’t know how to tell stories effectively.

That’s where Genius Monkeys comes in. We leverage our vast experience with online and web with some of the best technical and creative talent in Hollywood to create projects that stand out. When you work with us, you’re working with a creative studio that understands how to tell your story.

And we understand how to get it out there.

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