Getting In Early


(This picture has nothing to do with this post, it’s just a frame from my NYC RED Dragon, and I like it)

I’ve always been the guy who gets in early. I had a real paper route when I was in grade school. I’d get up at 4:30am, get the papers delivered, feed the animals, and go to school. I enjoyed getting in early, because it meant by the time everyone else was moving around, I had a pretty good handle on what I’d have to do for the day, and I felt accomplished and prepared.

I’m the same way today, both personally and with client projects. Even for the most pedestrian-seeming corporate video, I like to get in early. I like to learn about the client, and what makes them tick. I like to learn about their business sector, and competition. I love learning about context and the world in which this video project will live or die.

After I’ve learned as much as I can, I can’t help but start thinking about ways I can help these clients tell their stories in the best way possible- that is, in ways that get results.

I encourage everyone on my team to think and act like this. Yes, it demands a lot more effort to get involved so early. But the rewards are tremendous for our clients, and, usually, for us.



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