Our 2013 in Review

It’s hard to believe it’s 2014, already. Last year was a really interesting year for me as a director, and my company as a corporate video production company and film production company. Thank you to everyone who played a (positive) part in our journey in 2013, and here’s to a fantastic 2014!

Last year my film “Unlaced” won BEST DIRECTOR at FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles. It also won a PLATINUM REEL award at the Nevada Film Festival, and played at about half a dozen other festivals, big and small, around the USA. We’ll be continuing to promote “Unlaced” in 2014, as I work on a new film.

On the TV commercial front, I directed a number of TV commercials in 2013. My favorite, though, was for Southern California realtor Kevin Paffrath, because Kevin’s one of those guys who’s extremely picky about quality, and yet creatively open. I loved producing and directing his “Meet Kevin” TVC, and it’s currently airing.

I got to be creative for several other clients in 2013, too. One of which is MPAC, who gave us almost total creative freedom to come up with an original way to show the impact MPAC has had in the community over the past 25 years. I suggested that, instead of looking back, let’s look forward. They trusted me, and we worked together to create something special- a vision of MPAC 25 years from now.¬†On that project, much of the budget went to special effects makeup, and we worked with Academy-Award-Winning B2FX in North Hollywood to realize our vision.

I have a feeling both of these projects will win some awards.

In April, we tried something new- creating lawyer videos for members of NARAS at their San Diego convention. I had a lot of fun, and met some interesting characters there. It’s not the kind of work we’d usually go after, but it’s nice to stretch, and we got lots of compliments on the work. I like working with small businesses, and attorneys qualify as that, as part of our client mix.

We did a lot of corporate video production work in 2013, too- including work for Seattle’s Real Networks, a large university and nonprofit company that had us in NYC, Boston, DC, and Minneapolis, a large pharmaceutical company, a company in the United Kingdom, a startup in Toronto, Canada, and a real estate company in Austin, Texas. Among others- we did a LOT of corporate films in 2013. Some of those projects will end up on our reel, and I thank everyone who’s trusted us to tell their story in video in 2013.

Some video agencies look down their noses at corporate work. We don’t. I have always believed an important thing is to treat every client with respect, and to raise the quality of the storytelling and production whenever possible. Because good work begets good work.

And in 2013, we did a helluva lot of good work, for clients big and small, all over the United States.

Last year we also expanded. Bigtime. We kept our Los Angeles location, and added a local New York City presence, and a full-on Austin, Texas post-production studio.

Why’d we do that?

Well, simply put, as a video and film director, I want to work on interesting projects for interesting clients. And there were so many potential clients who’d call us up, asking if we would work with them. But they did not want to travel to Los Angeles. This was especially true for NYC clients. And rightfully so. Of course, that meant I spent a LOT of time in the air in 2011 and 2012, flying to clients and working with ad-hoc crews. I quickly realized that having a small permanent network of reliable resources across the country would better suit the nature of the work we were getting. I knew this was something only the largest video agencies out there had, but I saw the opportunity to grow in a way that would keep us responsive (which our clients love), yet give us the ability to cater to these clients and their interesting projects located throughout the USA and Canada. So, I did it. I put it all on the line.

And it paid off. Our LA office is still super-busy. But our NYC presence is getting serious action now, too- and our Austin Post Studio is coming online in an exciting way.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. That’s 2013. A lot of fun creative work, a lot of bread-and-butter, but still good work, and a massive expansion of our capabilities that required us to put it all on the line- and which is paying off, fast.

There’s always challenges in business. But I’m grateful that our little company is growing, and growing in a way that stays true to our mission of providing world-class video production services to clients at a reasonable price

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