Why The BlackMagic Cinema Camera Matters

We’re excited about getting the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, even though most of what we shoot uses RED digital 35mm 4K+ cameras. RED rocks, so why would we be interested in a “lesser” camera? Easy. RED has spoiled us in post-production: since RED shoots in Raw format, I’m able to fix shots and make things look much better after the shoot. But the problems with RED are the media cost is insane, and frankly many jobs don’t require 4 or 5k imagery. Many jobs work just fine at HD resolution. And the RED is notorious for taking a huge amount of post production resources to support.

I’ve been avoiding adding a HD camera to my toolset, though, because most HD cameras don’t look that great, or hold up like the RED’s footage does in post. Enter the BlackMagic Cinema Camera.

The BlackMagic shoots a respectable 2.5K image in Raw format. Even better, it can shoot in log ProRes format. And it uses cheap media! Finally, the Blackmagic won’t require the post resources my REDs do.

This is just the ticket for a lot of corporate clients, and even some film projects. I’m excited, and so’s my crew.

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