Are You Authentic?

A competitor digital agency, a large one in Los Angeles, has been found out. Their website design is a template they purchased in Asia. Word on the street is, so are almost all the “custom made” websites they’ve built for their customers over the years.

This is an agency that’s been in magazines and has been highly regarded by the Los Angeles business community. Will this revelation hurt that agency’s business? I don’t know. But I think it should, because what they were doing was lying to their customers.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with templates. Some businesses need to really cut costs to get started, and sometimes a clean template is the way to go for them, if they cannot afford a professional website design company.

But if you’re selling yourself as a web design shop, it seems strange that you’d not actually design websites. Especially when you’re charging as if you’re creating custom website designs. To not have a hand in designing websites, when designing websites is in fact your actual business, is lying to your clients, and it is less than authentic.

That’s where I have issues with our competitor. To me, being real is a big deal. Authenticity matters. It’s why I am involved in every project we do. Yes, it means we do fewer projects per year, but it also means that every project we do, from a website redesign to a client video, is as good as it can be.

This has proven to not only be a solid way to run our agency, it’s also allowed me to sleep soundly at night. I highly recommend it.

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