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I know, we’ve been so busy with tv commercials and web videos that we haven’t really talked much about our website design projects lately. Well, let’s correct that right now.

Here’s the MPAC website, a web standards based project that we launched this month. The site, as mentioned, follows web standards and is built using the MODx content management framework, which makes it very easy for the client to update on a regular basis.

It has a nice content rotator and some nifty interactive features, like a staff listing, that use JQuery. We’ve been using the JQuery framework a lot in the past two years, to replace a lot of the functionality that in the past we’d have done with Adobe Flash.

A big challenge of this project was the sheer number of pages of content that needed to be easily accessible by the users of the site. This necessitated a lot of information architecture work, but the end result was worth it- the client is thrilled, and we are, too!

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