Twas The Night Before Launch…


We’re getting ready to launch a new website that’s been many months in the making, and I’m taking a little bit of time in between meetings and quality control, thinking about what a huge undertaking a large scale website rollout really has become.

See, I remember the days when my partner and I would, after meeting with a client, slam out a killer website, including some form of database functionality or eCommerce, sometimes over just a few weeks of late night pizza deliveries to the office. Sure, it was hard work that often went late into the night- but it was fun, and that’s what one’s twenties are for, right?

These days, while a lot of the tools we use to design and develop websites have made our lives much easier on a lower level, the fact is almost every decent sized website rollout has become incredibly complicated and quality websites require a rather large, sustained team effort by both the agency and the client to succeed. It requires more than excellent creative and technical. It requires a true partnership between client and agency.

The work is still a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s just different.

This particular project was also the first large scale website project I’ve personally been a part of where I didn’t do actual design or development. I did project management, and I was the creative director on the job. It was a huge change for me, but it was absolutely the right decision: Ryan’s design work is stunning, Tyler’s coding was top-notch, and Jeff’s hardcore development skills are outstanding. Tip of the hat to Crystal, too, who kept things humming on the admin side.

The team on the client’s side was also excellent, and I am very proud of our joint efforts. I think we exceeded the client’s expectations, and that’s the name of the game when you’re a digital agency.

Great job, people!

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