Movie Magic, Behind The Scenes on a TV commercial

Here’s a very shot video that shows some of the “movie magic” visual effects work I did for the E. J. Leizerman & Associates tv spot.

Visual Effects Reel: E.J. Leizerman & Associates TV Commercial from Patrick Ortman on Vimeo.

Toledo is a great city, but on the days we shot there we had a lot of weather issues that prevented us from getting exactly the look we wanted for some of the shots. So, enter post production!

Here’s a very shot video that shows before-and-after versions of a few key shots for the tv commercial. Some of the work we did included:

Sky Replacement
Image Stabilization
Selective Color Enhancement
Multi-exposure HDR Simulation
Color Correction

We used a variety of tools from Apple, Adobe, Imagineer Systems, and a ton of plugins from Red Giant, Trapcode, and so forth to make these shots happen.

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  1. wow! thats a LOT of post. looks so much the better for it!

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