Creativity Reboots


It’s pretty easy to get so busy with client work that you look up and realize you haven’t done anything creative for yourself in quite a long time. That’s a problem if you’re a creative professional. I’m convinced that everyone here- including me- needs to have a pet project, something creative and personal, to help fuel their passion and make them look at their world a little differently. I firmly believe it makes you better at your job.

When I started this agency, I’d take Friday mornings or afternoons and wander the streets of LA, taking digital photographs of stuff I liked. These days, I’m finding a Rickenbacker 330 and a Vox AC15 amp at my deskside help me get through a day. I don’t think what you’re doing to feed your personal creativity is important, but I think taking the time out to feed yourself is vital.

Call it a creativity reboot.

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  1. couldnt agree more, my friend! if we starve ourselves, the malnutrition will show. i’m feeling the effects of personal creative starvation/neglect. needed to hear this piece of advice today :)

  2. I’m with you, Hasnain!

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