Another New TV Commercial, King of the Road

Here’s another TV Commercial I directed and we produced. This one’s for, and it’s got a very different feel from our previous spot. The concept was the truck is a monster, like a shark, and Michael (our client) can stop the monster from hurting you.

TV Commercial: King of the Road (director’s cut) from Patrick Ortman on Vimeo.

Title: King of the Road
Producers: Michael Leizerman, Patrick Ortman
Version: Director’s Cut
Length: 30 sec

Director, DP, Editor, Visual Effects, Composer: Patrick Ortman
Writers: Michael Leizerman, Patrick Ortman
Camera Department: Jacob David, Joel Washing, Phillip Stark
Sound recordist/mixer: Larry Gold
Gaffer and More: Rick Thomas
Color: Hugh Keller
Assistant Editor: Brandon Balin

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