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I was asked last week if we were a green web design and video production company. The answer is yes, and we’ve been quietly yet decidedly green for a long time. The very nature of our industry lends itself to being environmentally aware and friendly, but we’ve always made a point to go the extra mile. After all, we’d like the planet to be around for a while.

A lot of companies talk the green talk, but then you’ll find out all that means is they recycle some of the tons of office paper they burn through each month. That’s not us. Here’s a list of things we do that help us stay lean and green:

  • We replaced as many of our tower computers with new, energy-efficient MacBook Pros as possible. Our CRTs got replaced with LCD panels a long time ago, too.
  • We do a lot of HD video work, so we need to use RAIDs. We use the most efficient ones we can get, but they still put off heat. So those heat-loving RAIDs get shut off when not in use.
  • Our desks are made partially from recycled materials.
  • We embrace telecommuting and flex-time. It’s easy to stay in touch with each other through video conferencing, chat, and email. By doing this, we massively reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, our people are happier when they don’t have to spend too much time sitting in LA traffic.
  • We recycle. That includes recycling computer components, too.
  • We encourage our employees to use electronic documents as much as possible, reducing the amount of paper and printing supplies we use.
  • We don’t shoot on video tape or film anymore. Everything’s digital.
  • Our company equipment truck is a hybrid.

Being green isn’t a destination, it’s a process and a choice. But we’re doing an awful lot today to make the best choices for our environment and our employees.

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