More Nikon D5000 Video Tests

Here’s another YouTube video test I made using our Nikon D5000’s video capabilities. All shots were handheld (sorry bout that), no post processing was done to any of them besides slowing a few clips down. The lens was a manual 105mm prime lens. Only available light was used, and fstops ranged from f1.8 to f5.6.

The event was the Jazz Singers Alumni concert rehearsal for Paris Rutherford’s 30 Years of Vocal Jazz, at UNT in Denton Texas.

The audio was also grabbed from the camera. The song is “My Funny Valentine”, original arrangement by Paris Rutherford.

Again, the purpose of these tests isn’t really to make beautiful little movies but to test out the capabilities of the Nikon D5000 and see if it’s a worth using in this way. My initial thoughts are:

  • Lenses matter, a lot.
  • The fact that it’s 24fps and the camera is so small and light means you really need to bring something to stabilize the rig. A monopod is the bare minimum, and rigs like the Fig Rig and RedRock Micro’s DSLR packages are going to help a lot (our next batch of tests will use some of these).
  • You need to pan slowly unless you’re going for an effect.
  • Focus is difficult, but again by using a follow focus or getting really good at pulling focus using your free hand you can get some cool results.
  • The pictures look really good. Especially when properly exposed.
  • The audio is acceptable, surprisingly.
  • The swivel LCD makes a huge difference.

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