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We’ve embarked on a pretty cool little web design project for our good friend and sometimes partner Kathi Funston. She’s getting a much-deserved website redesign, and it includes all sorts of cool stuff.

First of all, the CMS for the site is ModX (of course, because ModX rocks!). Kathi’s got tech skills, but her time is best spent doing what she does best: creating cool content. ModX lets Kathi log in, make her updates, and go back to creating.

We’re also adding some really fun functionality based on a few plugins for JQuery, like SuperSized and ThickBox.

I (Patrick) conceived the design as a punk rock look, based on one of the client’s publicity photos. Punk, yes, but cluttered, no. The design has an appealing simplicity, and creates a nice framework to hang Kathi’s content on. And boy, does she have a lot of content to put up.

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  2. Greg Funston

    Looks great. Could really use your help improving Marie’s website that her cousin has been building for her for almost a year and STILL isn’t done.

  3. Thanks, Patrick! I love my new website and can’t wait to launch. I’m excited that I can post my music and acting stuff and blog till my heart’s content without bugging you every time I need an update. You are a gifted artist with an eye for beauty and superior technical skills to match. I mean it. You are scary good at what you do! Thanks again!

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