Why ModX Rocks For Websites


A client recently asked me what the big deal was about ModX, compared to other content management systems (CMSs) like Joomla, or custom solutions. Good question.

First of all, custom CMS solutions suck. They’re terrible. They suck because by definition they lock you into a custom solution, and quite probably lock you into working with the company who built it. Forever. Or, until you get so sick and tired of their crap that you have to find someone else to take the project and redo it from the ground up. And that costs money. If a web design company wants to build you a custom CMS, run!

Let’s talk about Open Source. Open Source is, in general, good. Why? Because there is probably a whole community of developers who know how to play with an Open Source CMS. You’re not locked into dealing with just one company. And in general, Open Source CMS frameworks allow a heckuva lot more customization than a proprietary system. Sometimes, they make adding features like an image gallery, wiki, etc are as simple as clicking a few buttons. You have to love that.

So, which Open Source CMS framework is best for you? Here’s most of ModX’s “competition”:

1) Joomla. There have a been a lot of cool sites built with Joomla, which originally came from a CMS called Mambo. It’s open source, so that’s cool. It has tons of plug-ins and it’s not terribly hard to customize it and add cool features. Where Joomla really bites is how difficult it can be to create pages that look the way you’d like them to look and which work differently than how Joomla thinks they should work. Plus, most of the time Joomla spits out code that’s ugly. I hate ugly code, and so do search engines.

2) Drupal. Drupal’s cool. We use it. It’s not as easy to admin or set up as ModX, though.

3) PHP Nuke. Sorry, I haven’t seen a pretty site made with this tool, so as a designer I have to pass.

Now, on to ModX. Why is it different? Why is it better? Simple: ModX makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful, standards-compliant, search engine friendly websites. ModX doesn’t try to box you into what someone else thinks your website should look or act like. Designers love ModX. Developers love ModX, too- and there’s plenty of third-party modules and plugins to play with, along with an easy to understand, robust architecture that lets you create your own custom features. The ModX developer community is very active, and very friendly. 

What’s more, ModX is easy to administer. If you want to get fancy, you can even “skin” the admin site to make it look like anything you want. Adding and editing pages is super easy with ModX.

Are there other great tools out there? Absolutely. The world is constantly changing. But for us, if we’re dealing with a client that’s small to midsized we’re throwing our CMS recommendation to ModX.

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  3. Faulk U


  4. Jaime|

    I just discovered ModX yesterday and after playing a couple of hours with it… I love it, so I’m migrating a small-midsize Joomla project to ModX and so far without a headache.

  5. Wow! I’d almost swear that I slipped you a few (or more!) bucks under the table, but really I think you get it. 😉

    Thanks for a fantastic write up, and we’re looking forward to you popping in on the forums and participating in the community. MODx (not the capitalization 😛 ) has always been about NOT boxing you into any one way of building sites; in fact MODx even supports tables, the blink tag and proprietary MS stuffs if you’re so inclined. We’ll happily spit out whatever you put into it. Thanks for picking up on that.

    The cool bits though are what’s coming in the Revolution 2.0 release, which should enter beta soon. Take everything that’s great about MODx today, but make it more flexible, scalable, developer-and-client-friendly and robust.

  6. admin

    You’re welcome, Ryan- your team has created something that’s become an integral part of our business, and it helps us offer solutions to our clients that make sense for everyone. We’re very excited about Revolution 2.0!

    Sorry about the mis-capitalization :-). MODx rocks!

    ps: in the interests of full disclosure, we have never received any special consideration or money from anyone at MODx. We just love the product.

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  8. Gene Greens

    Great article, Patrick.

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