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Wow, what a busy week and a half.

First, the Media Temple transition has gone really well. We have almost all our hosting customers moved over, and the speed improvement in serving our pages is astonishing. We had a bit of a problem with this blog in the move, but we’re pretty sure it was due to some corrupted MySQL files. We were able to move all our posts over, but we’re still missing some images. I’m confident we’ll have everything back in place soon.

CORRECTION: Yup, everything’s back up. Guess what the problem was? Permissions errors. Same exact problem that was bugging a web design client of ours earlier this week when they tried to share files with us. Funny!

That is, assuming we get time to work on the site. Things are busy and interesting here, lately. And client work always has to come before working on our own site. It’s a bit of the “Cobbler’s Children Going Without Shoes” thing, but it’s unavoidable sometimes. In any case, we’ll have a few new projects to brag about on our site soon enough.¬†

Speaking of stuff to brag about, our shoot with the RED One was very successful, and my personal “late night” project is going through the footage and beginning the editorial process. I love this camera, it’s so easy to make pretty pictures with it. Our Burbank soundstage shoot was a lot of fun, too- and I enjoyed working with all the actors, from my buddy Yoji (he’s been in all but TWO of my films!) to Tansy, Christina, Ian, and Susan. Hat’s off to you guys, and to my awesome little crew- ¬†thank you for everything!

That’s me and Yoji Cole above, with RED #2464 in Burbank, California.

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  1. Faulk U

    Welcome back.

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