Nikon D5000 Movie/Video Tests, Takes One & Two

Here’s the first two tests, right out of the box, of our new Nikon D5000 in movie mode. You’ll notice that in the first clip there’s a lot of noise (look at the red kettle to the right, although the H264 compression on the YouTube video masks a lot of the noise). The ISO was set to 1600 and it’s a relatively dark room with no additional lights.

In the second part of the first clip (the little asian man), the ISO was set to 400 and it’s a bit overexposed. This is how it looks in an exterior setting.

Both tests were handheld (not recommended without the new DSLR kit from Redrock Micro, see how shaky we are without it?) and using the stock 18-55mm lens at f4.5.

In the second video, we have two clips. Both were shot from our truck, on a CineKinetic CineSaddle tied to the hood. We used a Zeiss 50mm prime lens (the stock Nikon lens kept slipping focus) set at f1.4 and focused at infinity. The lens has a small hood to help reduce lens flares.

Part one of this clip was shot at ISO 3200. Part two was shot at 1600. Speed was about 20-30 mph.

It’s early days, and we have a lot to learn about this camera. We’ll be posting a lot more over the next few weeks. I’d also like to point out that these are just tests- we’ll be making prettier pictures once we figure this camera out.

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2 responses to “Nikon D5000 Movie/Video Tests, Takes One & Two

  1. Aaron Sain

    Thanks for the videos. I have a D5000 and two Zeiss prime lenses with Nikon mounts that I use with a JVC HD110 but when I try them on my D5000 I get a message that there’s no lens attached. How did you get them to work?

  2. Patrick

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for writing. I often have the same problem with my manual lenses and the Nikon D5000. It seems to me sometimes the camera doesn’t like the lens and therefore doesn’t see it, and sometimes it does.

    It helps to be in manual mode, but if you’re still having problems I have found that by turning the camera off, then attaching the lens, and restarting seems to work pretty well.

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