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pizzaWe’re getting ready to release the newest Pizza Dude mobisode on YouTube and GoogleVideo. But you can get a sneak preview of it here, first. Mosey on over to the Deliverance Mobisodes page.

This one’s called “How Dude Got His Groove Back“, and it’s about how our long suffering Dude finds love. You’ll need to have QuickTime to view it, including the H264 codec that is built into the latest versions of QuickTime. If the video does not load in a few minutes you should just visit the Deliverance Pizza website to view the episodes in YouTube quality.

This is this final installment of our Deliverance By The Slice sitcom series for SprintTV that was shot this past summer. We’ll be back with more episodes and a brand new series at some point in the future, plus I’m working on a feature film about our beloved Pizza Dude. Enjoy!

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