Video Trailers From A Couple of Short Films

I’ve been meaning to post a lot more of the work I’ve been doing. It’s been tough finding the time, as my schedule’s been pretty crazy. Last week I shot another promo film for a client that was for their website and dvds they send to their customers. I also have been doing some video editing for our museum client and I’m in preproduction for a very interesting movie I’m shooting in November and a series of short promo films for another corporate client. The corporate client is a well known college that is trying to attract new students with a cool, edgy video series. In my “spare time” I’m working on some concepts for my next YouTube/MySpace series and a fully CG greenscreen project.

I’ll have a new directing and editing reel up for you to check out later on, when things calm down a bit. In the meantime:

For those of you who appreciate a higher quality trailer than the pixely YouTube/MySpace look:

Headhunting, Inc. in Flash Video

I like Flash Video or QuickTime the best- as a filmmaker I don’t like how YouTube or MySpace video looks. But you can also:

View the original Deliverance trailer on MySpace.

And here’s the Headhunting, Inc. trailer on MySpace.
(special thanks to Stacy Steinkuller for posting this one)

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