Containers, Coltrane Ballet, and Pink Floyd

coltraneIs this just an LA thing? I spent some time at the Container Store in Pasadena recently, and it’s this massive two story building with the largest elevators I’ve ever seen and aisle after aisle of containers. It seems sort of, I don’t know, decadent? Not that I am not grateful for their existence- I am. My lady and I each left with a new set of wire mesh drawers. I’m using mine for client material storage, and the way things have been going at work I’ll probably be back again in a month to buy another set of those mesh drawers. Yeah, we’ve been busy at work.

We’re starting a new project on Monday, which is why I’m in the studio today- time to clean up the mess from the last project, do my archiving, etc. This new project will involve website, database, middleware integration, motion graphics design, and video production. The client is on the ball and knows that they have a shot at setting a new standard for their industry. I love that. In the meantime, I’m also working with my fellow filmmaker friend Erica’s XL2 to get a handle on how that baby reacts in different situations. I think we’re shooting that in a month (early November?). And I’m also working on a new commercial for another client. Cool stuff.

Last night I got to finally check out the Ford Amphitheatre in LA. That place is amazing, it’s the oldest one in Los Angeles. A fire destroyed a lot of it in the late 1920s, but it was rebuilt in the early 1930s. The reason for my attendance- a ballet performance done to the music of the late jazz great John Coltrane.

I absolutely loved the music, the band was truly awesome. The dancing? It was cool. I’m definitely not a ballet guy, though. What was really interesting was the fact that the Hollywood Bowl is directly across the freeway from the Ford. And Pink Floyd was playing. I’d never been to a Pink Floyd concert. Now I feel like I have been. I could hear ‘The Wall’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ very clearly between the jazz numbers. I can’t help it, I do like Pink Floyd.

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