My Office v4.0Beta

office 2.01My first office was a leaky basement in a cold midwestern town. The second was an apartment in Atlanta. The third was a room in a cool house up in the hills of Los Angeles.

This is version 4 (Beta), which lives in a bitchen’ high rise apartment in Los Angeles with a view to forever. Sure, my Mackie speakers aren’t installed yet and you can’t see the audio mixer, microphones, guitars, etc. But the basics of my office are up and it works for me. I’ve got wireless networking, 3 Macs and one PC. I’ve got all my editing and visual effects software running. Each of my monitors is a 23 inch LCD, and the one on the left can accept high definition signals for display. The music studio is fully operational, too. I’m fully equipped and able to tackle any project that is thrown my way.

If you look, you can see the very edge of my bulletin board. This will soon be filled up with storyboards and index cards for my next projects.

I’m actually a big believer in ergonomics, hence the stupid cheap Ikea tables (yet with adjustable legs- the better to get the right keyboard height!) but the money well spent on a damn nice chair. After all, this is a place one spends an awful lot of time working in.

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  1. Nice. Glad to see the office – I like pictures such as thee.

    FINALLY – more of your work online. More More More. Do it.

  2. What kind of chair do you have? I’ve always wanted a badass one with spinners – oops, I mean one that is good for my back.

  3. patrick

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks man. Yeah, it’s been a wee bit more than crazy busy here but I think I’m about ready to release this new site to the world. I installed my monitor speakers this weekend and have my second video monitor up as well now.

    LOL on the chair. Yeah, man. It’s an Aeron. I think it was $699 or something. But worth it, my back never hurts even after long days (nights?).

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