Apple Shake Work: Pain Awareness PSA with Academy Award Winner Laszlo Kovacs

pain2I was asked to do the post production work on a PSA directed by Melissa Balin, edited by my pal Brandon Balin of the Brookturn Company and shot by oscar winning DP Laszlo Kovacs. Sure, Laszlo’s won academy awards… but what I love him for is his work on the John Cusack movie “Say Anything” back in the 1980s. Sorry, Laszlo.

The Brookturn Company needed my help because they shot this PSA with the Canon H1 in 24F mode. The problem is no editing system supports this format (until 2 weeks from now when the new Final Cut Pro comes out). This PSA had to be shown at IBC in Amsterdam at the Canon booth and is also being shown at a big european conference on pain management next week.

Brandon and I realized that while no editing system supported this new format yet, we could output the raw HD signal in interlaced, 60i format. We ingested the footage via a Kona 3 and I then took this raw footage into Shake, where I applied pulldown and smart deinterlacing to get those original 24 frames a second back into Brandon’s timeline in FCP.

It worked like a charm, and everybody’s thrilled. Check it out in QuickTime format.

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One response to “Apple Shake Work: Pain Awareness PSA with Academy Award Winner Laszlo Kovacs

  1. Gosh, Pat- you make it sound so easy!

    Thanks again for pulling off what they said was “impossible”… I can’t wait till we get to see the film-out!

    You rock!

    Melissa Balin

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